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Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is Calibration Search?
Calibration Search aims for 100% availability. The primary Calibration Search servers operate in a clustered environment so you will not experience any scheduled down time. All of our systems have redundant fail over and are backed-up throughout the day.

Who should I contact for technical issues?
If you experience technical problems with any portion of the site, please call 1-801-850-2329 for technical support.

What are the system requirements of Calibration Search?
Calibration Search requires the following: Internet Explorer 6.0+, Netscape 7+, FireFox 2.0+ or other browsers that supports Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript or ECMA Script (Opera and Safari also work). A 1024x768 pixel or greater screen is recommended. An Internet connection, the faster the better. We use very few graphics so pages load fast even on a slow connection.

Who manages multiple members at my company?
Each facility can have one or more member administrators. This person can add, edit, and remove members for their company. The administrator can select who can: manage members, edit company information, edit capabilities. edit billing information, login, be displayed in the company directory.

Is there a charge to search the site?
There is NO CHARGE to search the Calibration Search database. It is open to anyone who wants to search it, free of charge.

How many users can we have?
You can have as many users as needed. We do not charge per-user fees.

Does Calibration Search charge a different fee for mulit-site licenses?
We do charge customers that advertise their calibration capabilities, inventory, banners, etc., on a “per facility” basis. Mulit-site licenses are given price breaks depending on the number of sites that will be advertising their capabilities. To learn more about the cost to advertise your company’s data on Calibration Search, visit our Pricing page.

What format does Calibration Search accept for calibration and repair capability lists?
Calibration Search can accept nearly any format for uploading capabilities, however, we prefer Excel and tab-delimited text files.
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